Detecting Bed Bugs in Your Home

Early detection is the key to getting rid of bed bugs easily. The best way to detect bed bugs is to have one of our highly qualified teams inspect your property. During a residential or commercial bed bug inspection, the dog and handler will search all living or working areas of your home or office, including closets and bathrooms. If the dog smells adult bed bugs or eggs, it will alert the handler. The handler will note all areas the dog smelled bed bugs and eggs and inspect them further.

Because our inspection tells you exactly where the bed bugs and eggs are, your exterminator can focus on the necessary areas, saving you money. Contact us today to schedule and appointment.

Signs of bed bugs include: mysterious bites, small red stains on bedding, small black dots on mattress or box spring, or tiny exoskeletons. Because bed bugs are so small and such good hiders, it can be difficult to find them until they are present in large numbers.

About Beagles On Call

Beagles on Call is a professional and highly skilled bed bug detection agency. Our canine dogs and handlers are all certified by NESDCA, the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, the highest certifying agency for bed bug detection, ensuring that the highest of standards are adhered to. The dogs have a 95-98% accuracy rate which means that they can detect what a human inspector may miss.