Do You Think You Have Bed Bugs?

When you schedule a bed bug inspection with Beagles on Call, our team will help you throughout the entire process.

We arrive discreetly and make sure that our bed bug dogs inspect all living spaces, closets and bathrooms thoroughly. Once we complete the canine bed bug inspection, we will provide you a detailed report of the inspection. Then, if necessary, you can forward the report to the exterminator of your choice and discuss treatment options with them. At the end of the treatment process, we encourage you to follow up with another canine inspection to ensure that there are no longer bed bugs in your space.

Remember, we are an independent bed bug inspection company and do not do any remediation services. We cannot comment on the process, scope, or cost of treatment and extermination. Once the bed bug inspection is completed, we step aside and the exterminator takes over.

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About Beagles On Call

Beagles on Call is a professional and highly skilled bed bug detection agency. Our canine dogs and handlers are all certified by NESDCA, the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, the highest certifying agency for bed bug detection, ensuring that the highest of standards are adhered to. The dogs have a 95-98% accuracy rate which means that they can detect what a human inspector may miss.